Winter Eyewear Fashions

Winter Eyewear Fashions

Don’t let winter be dark, drab and dull. You change you clothing, so why not change your glasses too? There are old favorites and some great new trends in fashion eyewear this season. See what’s new and change up your cold weather look.

One favorite that has more than nine lives is the cat-eye shape in glasses. This shape makes the face look thinner, so that could be one reason it sticks around. One change in the cat-eye frame is the size tends to be a little bit bolder and bigger. You will definitely get some attention with this feline style.

You will see frames of every color for this season’s style. Colors are bold, and the most popular are primary colors. Big, oversized and thicker rims are all over the place right now.  You will still see many different shapes in eyewear, even with the oversized look gaining ground. While red is the standout color, you can choose from many colors according to your own personal taste.

Vintage looks are here, but they have some modern features to them. You will find gold, sparkly or jeweled accents on many fashionable glasses this season, along with retro, but chunky shapes.

The angular shape is hanging around with very serious looks. Shapes that remind you of college professors are really popular. Aviator styles are making a comeback, too. Whether thick or thin rimmed, you can find the Aviator look in many geometric shapes.

Round frames are back in a big way. Many of the new styles are following the oversized trend. You can also find the old-fashioned thin-wired round frames.

Coming up in spring, you will see rosier shades of red taking over. Softer and paler hues come up just in time for spring in clothing and eyeglasses. You will also start to see dusty colors like taupe, grey and blue.