What Vitamins does your Hair need?

What Vitamins does your Hair need?

You know that your body needs vitamins, but what about your hair? Is your hair lackluster and tired looking? The environment we live in can really take a toll on the health of our hair. Our hair changes with age as well and can start looking dull. There are certain vitamins that are really great for your hair and can give you your shine and life back.

Vitamin E is great for skin healthy, because it increases blood circulation. Well it has the same benefit for your hair! New hair growth increases with the better circulation. A nice side benefit is that E helps out your immune system as well. Try nut, soybeans and leafy greens to get some Vitamin E naturally.

One great antioxidant is Vitamin A which also promotes eye and hair health. Vitamin A also helps your natural scalp oils healthy so your hair doesn’t get dried out. Dry hair leads to breakage so you want to avoid this. Vitamin A is plentiful in peaches, spinach, carrots or cod liver oil.

B5 (pantothenic acid) is an amazing vitamin. Try to get this vitamin in your diet and it can keep gray hair growth from coming too fast. B5 can also lessen age-related hair loss. You can get a supplement or find this vitamin in eggs and many whole grains

Another great B vitamin for hair is Biotin (sometimes referred to as vitamin H.) Biotin keeps your hair from getting too dry. Biotin also strengthens your hair and increase the elasticity in your strands so you have less breakage. You can find this great vitamin in peas, lentils, oats and brown rice.

A lesser known vitamin is Inositol. It is generally categorized with other B vitamins. The cell membranes get stronger with this vitamin and it is helpful with lessening hair loss. Many people actually notice thicker hair. To get Inositol in your diet, try citrus, cantaloupe, beans and whole grain breads.