Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup

You have the date, venue, and dress. Now you want to think about your makeup for the wedding day. To really look your best and lessen your stress, consider having professional makeup done. A professional makeup artist will make you look great in person, and for the pictures.

Do you know what hairstyle you want? You can get ideas online or in magazines. Think about what our veil or headpiece looks like and how it will fit. You probably don’t want to make radical changed on your wedding day, but you want a special look. Your makeup professional can work with you to achieve the absolute perfect look.

Most artists will let you come in for a trial session. You will get advice and tips, but the ultimate decision is yours. This is a great time to try out new looks and you can narrow your choices down. Leave your trial makeup on for that day and see how it holds up. If there is something you don’t end up liking, just let your esthetician know at your actual appointment.

Your makeup artist will really know how to make you look your best for all of the photos. You will not only have your professional photographer, but many of your family and friends will be taking pictures as well. Your esthetician will hide any flaws and accentuate your best features.

Don’t forget basic skin care before the big day. You will be given a foundation without SPF because those will wash you out in photos.  Your esthetician will make your skin is healthy and looks great before applying the rest of your makeup.

You will probably want to have makeup done for your bridesmaid also. You want to have your bridal party look complementary to you. Having their makeup done professionally will ensure that they will look good in the pictures, too, and not have one person ruin a group photo.