Wedding Hairstyles 2016

Wedding Hairstyles 2016

Getting married this year? Have you thought about your wedding day hairstyle? You can go classic or trendy- it is really up to you. This year’s trends give you plenty to choose from. You are sure to find the look you are searching for.

Many brides choose curls for their wedding day style. Curls are classic, but you can do them in many ways. Try ringlets or tight curls. You can also choose a more loose curl that flows around your shoulders.

Styles that are ½ up and ½ down are on trend this wedding season. Pull the top hairs back on your head and then let the bottom just fall around you if you have longer hair. Stylish headbands or tiaras add a glam touch to this look. You can also add crisscross braids in the back or a braided crown.

Do you prefer a vintage hairstyle to go with your lovely gown? You can go classic vintage or more edgy with bigger sweeps of updos. You can add colored highlights in your hair that match your wedding colors, just for fun.

If you are having a beach or more casual affair, you can do a modern ponytail or sweep it to the side. Add some hair ribbons or flower garlands to add that special touch. A loose chignon with flowers also looks very pretty.

Updos are requested quite often by many brides. This is a classic and chic look that almost anyone can pull off. Ask your stylist for something special and make sure to book in advance.

If you have short hair, try a modern bob cut or some very tight curls. One large flower can look beautiful on one side, even if you have a veil. Try a colorful orchid or your favorite flower.

For medium length hair, think loose when you choose an updo. Add a beaded or jeweled headband as an accent. Tiaras are also popular, from very simple to very glittery and shiny. Just find something that you feel good about and you will be a beautiful bride.