Special Occasion Eyeliner

Special Occasion Eyeliner

Want to amp your style for a special occasion? Just changing up your eyeliner can give you a look worthy of whatever special occasion you are celebrating. Try some of these fun liner tips to add that va-va-voom to your eyes!

Think candy is just for eating? Get some eye inspiration from the sweet shoppe. You can actually pair different liner colors. Use on color first, but dot the liner on so you have some open spots. Pick another color that either complements or contrasts with the first color. Use the second color to fill in the empty spots. You can also choose an eyeliner that will pick up a color in your outfit.

Metallic or glittery liners can give you a dramatic and bold look. There are so many different in metallics, your choices won’t be limited to silver or gold. Use metallic liner on your cat’s eye style. Add some wings to your liner look with an interesting color. Try using 2 colors- one on the bottom and one of the top for a cool vibe.

Instead of regular winged liner, you can extend the liner out in a straight line instead of being curved. You get a less bold look that is still sleek and pops.

Black liner is still great for a sophisticated style. For an added impact, put the liner on thick and if you do wings make them a little thick, but not too much. To brighten this look up, use a light or neutral liner on your bottom lid.

Start with a basic black liner, but add some wow to it. After applying the black, use a colored liner on top, outlining the black. It is up to you whether or not to go thick or narrow- you can do it both ways. Play around with some different colors until you find a look that is just right for you.