Shoes to Try in 2016

Shoes to Try in 2016

New shoe styles come out every year and this year has some interesting and stylish choices. Why not try something new this year and replace some of your older shoes? Here are some new trends to look for.

Sneakers are always in style, but this year sneakers are taken up a notch and are very stylish. Look for classic white leather sneakers but with accents in red and/or black.

Think mules are for matrons? Well mule slides are the rage this year. These slides come in various heel sizes from low to very high. There are lots of colors to choose from, too. There are leather slides and suede seems to be popular.

Many heels have strings and ties, but now add rope to that list.  From high heels to wedges you will find tons of styles that are tied up with rope. Some have plain rope and some have braided rope with fringe, so you will find quite a variety.

Western looks have come into mainstream shows this year as well. From stud accents to stars and buckles, the western influence can be seen. Snakeskin accents and snakeskin boots in black are also on trend.

Heels with no backs to them are new this year. From pointy toes to classic heels, you will see lots of backless styles this year. Some of these styles are very surprising and will definitely get attention when you wear them.

Flatform shoes are similar to wedges, but thicker and flatter. Think Japanese inspired on some of these picks. You will see this look mostly on sandal type shoes, but they show up in all kinds of shoes.

You are in luck if you can’t wear high heels, since low or kitten heels are coming on strong. There are many cute styles and colors to pick from and they all have low heels. This is a very trendy style this year, and easy to wear.