Reduce Holiday Stress

Reduce Holiday Stress

Stress seems normal around the holidays, but it will affect your mind and body. You want to look healthy and good, not all stressed and washed out. How can you stress less? Here so some ideas to combat holiday stress.

It is not easy, but try to reduce your to do list. Is this something really critical? What will happen if I skip it? Prioritize your list and delete some things that aren’t really necessary. You will feel a lot happier!

Call and email friends and family instead of spending hours doing cards. Save hand written cards for the most special people in your life only. Just taking the time to think of someone is a great gift.

Get a group of friends together and do something together instead of having a gift exchange. Have lunch, take in a play or movie, or exchange cookies. Spending time together is really the most important thing. The same goes with your favorite relative. Take them out and do something together instead of giving a gift they might not be able to use.

Use your favorite decorations in one room of the house. You don’t really need to decorate every room. Let the kids gather some natural décor on an afternoon nature walk. You might be surprised at some great décor you get while they are busy getting exercise outdoors!

Consider making holiday meals a potluck affair. Take some stress off your shoulders and have everyone contribute to the meal.  Plan ahead and prep foods ahead of time. You don’t want to spend all of your time in the kitchen.

If you are going to eat a candy, think peppermint, like candy canes. Peppermint is a scent that perks you up right away. It can also sooth an upset tummy.

Do a little wrapping each day so you don’t have to spend hours on Christmas Eve getting all the presents done. After you wrap, mark them with a post-it so you know who you bought it for. You can then go back and add tags and bows or ribbon.

If you feel yourself getting too stressed, just stop for a minute and remind yourself to just breathe. Allow yourself a few minutes a day to do nothing. Think about doing something nice for someone else and joy will take over, not stress.