Mix and Match Nail Colors

Mix and Match Nail Colors

Time for a change in your nail color? You might want to try mixing and matching your nail color. Why just choose one color when you can get a super look with two or more colors? Give something new a chance and you may even surprise yourself at how good it looks.

Think Blue

For an elegant evening look, try pairing a deep sky blue with a darker navy shade. These colors are similar, but just different enough to give you a nice contrast that looks sharp. Try other blues in similar hues for a crisp and cool daytime look.


Don’t forget the pink (and mauve!) Pink should be a lighter color and pair with a mauve with some glitter or shine to it.  Either color could be used on an accent nail or two.

Basic White

A nice white polish should be a staple in your polish collection. White can always be mixed and matched to other colors easily. If white is not really your style, go with a neutral beige or taupe shade.


What is more patriotic than red, white & blue! Let your blue be sparkling or glittery. Use this on the majority of your nails, or mix it up with a lighter blue. A bright red can be the perfect accent.


Orange and mint? Give it a try! Start with a bold orange and mix with a nice minty shade of green. Try chevrons or other patterns is you want something bold. You can also just just one color on an accent nail. You can make orange the primary color for a daring look, or use the mint for a more mellow style.

Golden Berry

Who doesn’t love a berry nail polish? Adding a golden touch with the berry is a super contemporary and fun look. You can try a glittery gold on just the nail tips or use it as an accent. This is very stylish!