Make Your Hair Color Last

Make Your Hair Color Last

You walk out of the salon with a great new hair color that looks awesome. You want that perfect color to last, right? There are some easy ways to make you hair color last, and we’ll share some of those with you now.

Wash Early

The natural oils in your hair help color stay on your hair better. You can wash your hair one or two days before you plan on having it colored, but don’t wash it too close to the time of your appointment. If your hair is too clean, the color will not stick as well.


Stop using conditioner three to four days before coloring. About three days before your color, use a deep conditioner to really moisturize your strands in preparation for the coloring process. Do not use conditioner after this time, though.

Go subtle, not extreme

While you might be up for a radical color change, your hair probably isn’t. You want your color to be noticeable, but subtle. If you make an extreme change your roots will visible sooner, and you’ll have to worry about touching up. You can change colors slowly and work your way up to that different look over time.


Being out in the sun can really dry out your hair. The sun also will fade your color more quickly. Wear a hat or use hair products with sunscreen in them to prolong your color.

Cool it

Don’t shampoo with hot water. Heat will cause breakage and break down your color more quickly. Cool water is always best for your hair. Start off with lukewarm water and try to even go a little cooler. Your hair (and color!) will thank you by looking great!

The right products

There are many hair products on the market that are designed specifically for color treated hair. Try some shampoos and conditioners in this line of products until you find something you like.