Make Jean Shopping Easier

Make Jean Shopping Easier

There is nothing worse than shopping for jeans for hours and not finding anything you like. If you really know and understand your body type you will spend a lot less time shopping and be much happier with the jeans you do purchase.

If your upper body is bigger than your lower half, and you are rounder in the middle, then you have an apple shape. You want a jeans style that hits your around your belly button or a little below. Dark washed jeans will make you look your best. Thicker denim also holds and shapes you best.

Celery Stalk shapes have long legs with square hips and are more straight up and down shaped. You want to look for a long enough inseam in your jeans. Jeans with a high waist will give you more shape. You can accentuate your hips and bottom with some stitching or other embellishments. Pleats won’t hurt you either, since they add some volume and shape.

Petite ladies (5’ 4” or shorter) have some issues, but there are jeans out there for you! You want to extend the look of your legs to add some length to your body. If you are slim, go ahead and wear skinny jeans. Even if you are not slim, avoid baggy jeans or those with wide legs, since they give you no shape. Jeans tend to stretch a little, so go ahead and buy jeans that are just a tiny bit snug.

Pear shapes tend to have fuller hips, thighs and behinds. Look for jeans with some stretch to them. If you are much slimmer in the waist, you may have to find a great fit for your bottom and have a professional take in the waist of the jeans so you don’t get a big gap. Stay away from tapered legs since a fuller leg will balance out your shape.