Look Your Best on Your Cruise

Look Your Best on Your Cruise

Going on a cruise anytime soon? Maybe you want to escape winter and go somewhere sunny and warm. You will want to look great no matter what destination your cruise is going to. You can look fantastic without too much effort if you follow these tips. Who wants to spend time doing makeup when you are traveling to these fun locales?

Get your hair trimmed the week before you leave on your cruise vacation. You won’t want to color or highlight your hair anytime close to your departure. Sun, dry air and pool chemicals can wreck your hair, so bring a UV spray to help protect your locks.

Try a nice hydrating facial before you leave to prepare your skin. This is really important if you are going to a sunny location. Don’t get any laser or peel treatments too close to your cruise, since the skin can be sensitive and get damaged more easily. Don’t forget to pack your moisturizer and sunscreen to keep your skin healthy during your trip.

Treat yourself to a nice manicure and pedicure before your cruise. You can go with a natural look for minimal maintenance or go with some fun tropical colors. Most ships have great spas that can offer you any touch up services you might need during the cruise.

You don’t want to spend your vacation time messing with makeup, so you can go for simple looks, especially during the day. A liquid bronzer with SPF is easy to apply and will even out your skin tone. Go with just a light shadow and make sure your eyeliner and mascara are waterproof.

For fancy evening galas or dinners you can take your makeup up a notch. Go with a shimmery eyeshadow and a brighter color on your lips. Look for a color you can apply on lips and cheeks to keep it even easier.