How Your Hands Can Tell Your Age

How Your Hands Can Tell Your Age

You want to look your best, and you take care in your appearance. Maybe you are always mistaken for someone younger, which is great. Did you know your hands can give away your real age? Your hands are the first part of your body part that will look your age.

Hands age more quickly due to being exposed to all the elements. Sun damage is a main cause of early aging. You can use sunscreen products that are at least SPF 15 and put it on the back of your hands. Collagen, which keeps skin plump and young looking, gets soaked up out in the sun. The skin is much thinner on the back of your hands and needs more protection. Your hands need daily moisturizing as well, both morning and night.

A manicure will give your hands a break. Relax while your hands soak in nice warm water that is infused with moisturizer. Your cuticles will get nice and soft while soaking, too. This helps to keep the cuticles from being damaged when they are pushed back

While a manicure can make you feel great, there are many other benefits. Your nails will look younger and stay stronger when only the tips are shaped. The signs of aging can also be diminished by using a pretty nail polish. Age spots or veins will fade into the background with a pop of nail color drawing the focus of others. Most hands look great with a metallic polish color that is slightly pale, since light is reflected off the color.

Ask your aesthetician about using a natural botanical lotion that leaves your hands even softer and prettier. People will start noticing your hands in a good way, and they won’t give away your real age. Let them be fooled and enjoy the compliments.