How to Wear Leggings

How to Wear Leggings

Do you love the comfort and ease of wearing leggings, but not sure about how to wear them? You can take leggings from casual to stylish with a little help. You may be surprised how great you can look.

The fit is very important. You want to stay away from tight-fitting leggings. Make sure your leggings are also the right length. Your leggings should be about ankle length.

Dark leggings look the most stylish and less casual. Bright colors or funky patterns are not the best choice for everyday or office wear.

With leggings you generally want to go for longer tops that cover your behind. Think tunics or sweaters. You can wear a button down blouse and add a belt to give it some definition. Any shirt that is longer (almost like a dress) looks good with leggings.

A loose sweater with leggings looks cute with some knee-high boots. Layering your shirts also gives you some balance with leggings. Pair a tee under a blouse or sweater. You can even wear a blazer for a more professional look. Keep the colors or patterns simple as well.

When the weather is cold use leggings instead of tights. They can be worn under a dress or skirt. Keep your legs warm and look good doing it!

Put some thought into your shoes as well. For a casual look try flats or sneakers. You can also wear booties to dress it up more. If you wear dressy leggings (think thicker black ones) and wear a blazer or suit jacket, you can think about wearing pumps. A lower heel works best, but definitely no stilettos. You want a put together look.

Accessories are also important with leggings. Think a cute or chunky scarf. A solid color top with a long sparkly necklace also looks cute.