Go Funky with Your Makeup

Go Funky with Your Makeup

Do you love the makeup looks you see on the catwalk? Does the outlandish fashion and extreme makeup really catch your eye? You may not think it is practical in the ‘real’ world, but you can have some fun and get a little bit funky with your own makeup. Get a little bit bold and maybe try some of these funky makeup looks at home.

Start with a bold look for your lips. You have probably seen some really interesting colors in the lipstick section of your favorite store. There are bright colors for almost anyone. Try the oranges, reds, purples or even neon colors. Try some funky color, and you just might be pleasantly surprised.

Go for the Glitter. You might not be a performer, but you can sure look like one with just a little glam from glitter. Pick a neutral shade for your base eye color, and then add a glittered shade over it in the same color range. You will draw attention to your eyes without being too over the top.

You may have tried a cat eye look before, but think about taking it up a notch. Use a wider eye liner in a deep black on the top eyelid. On the lower lashes, you can use a metallic color for some contrast. If you want more wow factor, you can try false, thick eyelashes.

For eyelashes, think big and bold, too. If you don’t like fake eyelashes, choose dark, bold and thick mascara. If you have dark lashes you can even try some of the new mascaras that come in different colors. Mascara is a fun and easy way to punch up your look.

Go Fire Engine Red. Red is a classic lip color and you really can’t go wrong. You may have to find the right red that looks good on you, but every woman can wear red! Red lipstick is always a glamorous look.