Fix those Beauty Mistakes

Sometimes we just have a bad morning, and we have some issues with our beauty routine. Most of these beauty mistakes are small, but annoying. It happens to the best of us, so don’t let a little blip have a big impact on your day. Here are some easy fixes to some basic beauty mistakes.

Eyeliner Mishaps

Don’t you hate when you are applying eye liner, and you jerk just a little and liner is all over your eyelid instead of your lash line? What a hassle it is to wipe it off and begin again! Guess what, you don’t have to! Just take a cotton swab and dip the end in some olive oil or makeup remover. Voila! You can erase your liner mistake and nobody will ever know it happened.

Perfume Overload

Did you get a little trigger happy with the fragrance and now smell like a department store beauty counter? Lotion is a great diffuser, but use Unscented lotion only. Apply the unscented lotion to whatever areas you have too much perfume. This application will make the fragrance less strong and you should be able to adjust it down to the level you wanted in the first place.

Winter Hat Hair

Cold weather brings out the cute hats, but what does it do to your hair? When you take off your hat you may be greeted with staticky hair sticking up all over the place. Did you know that hand cream you have in your pocketbook or desk drawer is perfect for this hair crisis? Just take a little bit (think dime-sized) and rub it into your palms until you can’t really see any of the lotion. With a light touch, smooth your hands over your head. The crazy flyaway hairs will be smooth, and you won’t have a greasy feel, either.