Fix a Broken Nail

Fix a Broken Nail

Breaking or cracking a nail can be at the very least annoying and at the worst painful. We can help you by showing how to easily fix that break or crack in your nail. No need to let this mishap ruin your day with these tips to repair your nail and keep on moving.

Always start by washing your hands and nail area completely and the thoroughly dry. Just be careful around the broken nail since you don’t want to snag it or hurt yourself. Dry that area carefully, but make sure it is completely dry or these fixes may not work well.

If you are in the office, look no further than your desk! A little scotch tape can be used for a quick fix. Use the tape to completely cover the broken or cracked nail. Just cut off a piece that is just a little bigger than the break or tear. After it is adhered well just add some nail polish right over it. The polish keeps the tape in place and you can just wait for the nail to grow out. Once the nail grows out just file and polish as you normally would.

If you don’t have tape nearby just try the same thing using super glue or a small patch of gauze.

You can also cut out a piece from the adhesive part of a bandage. Make sure to cut enough to cover the problem area.  Since a bandage is a little thicker try to file it down to make it smoother against your nail. Adding some nail polish on top does the trick!

Using a tea bag is probably the most used trick for repairing a broken nail. Take any tea bag and empty it out. Tea bags are thin but sturdy and really work the best. Cut out a piece of the tea bag that covers the tear, break, or crack. You will want to apply a little bit of clear polish first, then affix the tea bag material on top. The polish asks as an adhesive in this case. You can file this down after the area is completely dry. This fix will keep the nail in one piece until it grows out. You can also apply your regular polish on top of the fix and no one will know!