Finding Jewelry for Your Face Shape

Finding Jewelry for Your Face Shape

Do you have jewelry that you love- until you put it on? Knowing the shape of your face and choosing appropriate jewelry will make you love every piece in your jewelry box. This is an important consideration when buying jewelry that is often overlooked.

Since the oval face is softer, many different types of jewelry will look good on you. Necklaces can be short or long, but match the piece to your body type. For example, if you are petite, go smaller and lighter. Earrings should not be too long, or they will add length to your face. You can still wear dangly styles, but pick wider ones in a good length. Hoop earrings work well for an oval face as well.

Square-shaped faces need jewelry that softens your face. Stay away from boxy jewelry and choose items that have curves or a ā€œUā€ shape. Longer necklaces are best. Large hoop or chandelier earrings will make you look great.

For the heart shaped face, pick earrings like teardrop, hoop, or triangles. Short necklaces look best and if they have a little curved shape to them, it will really break up the angular line of your face. Necklaces with multiple strands are also appropriate.

A diamond shape is already balanced. You can wear almost any kind of necklace, but make sure that it matches your body size. The same holds true in earring choices. Just avoid overly long styles of earrings. Hoops are a soft look for you, but you can also go dramatic with angular styles.

If you have a round face you want to elongate your face. Longer, vertical earrings will be flattering on you. Wear longer necklaces to add balance. Any bold and vertical jewelry will complement the rounder face.

For oblong or rectangular face shapes, you want to minimize the length of your face. Pick shorter necklaces or even chokers, especially if your neck is also long. Large beads near your neck also shorten the look of these face shapes. Choose short earrings in bold and larger styles. Short earrings with circles and curves will look appealing on these shapes.