Finding a Great Trench Coat

Finding a Great Trench Coat

One staple you should have in your closet is a good quality trench coat. Finding a great trench of good quality is very smart since it will last for many years. A trench is versatile and timeless.

Keep these tips in mind while you are out shopping for your perfect trench coat.

You can choose almost any color you like in a trench. Don’t be afraid of color, but make sure it is something you love and will wear for years. Of course tans or browns also work well and can match anything. The style of a trench is very polished, no matter the color.

Most trench coats are double-breasted, but that style can make you look bulky. Choose a single-breasted style for less bulk that looks leaner.

The epaulets are a must-have on a trench. They really don’t have a purpose, but epaulets add to the classic trench look.

Choose set-in sleeves for your perfect trench. This type of sleeve fits well and is slimmer. Make sure your sleeve length is not too long. The sleeve should hit around your wrist, not cover your hands.

A removable lining is a great choice if you live in an area with very hot or cold weather. The trench coat is even more versatile with this lining to go from winter to spring effortlessly.

One detail you want to look for is the buttons on your coat. Make sure you have nice, sturdy buttons. A pearl button can add a luxury look to your trench. It is all in the little details.

The last detail you want to look for is the belt. Look for a nicely stitched belt. You can also find details in the buckle, whether a luxurious leather-covered one or a fun metallic buckle. If your trench has wrist belts make sure they match your main belt to keep the polished look.