Fall 2016 Men’s Fashion

Fall 2016 Men’s Fashion

Want to check out what’s new in men’s fashion this year? Take a look at some of the recent trends for the man in your life.

We’ve seen bomber jackets before, but not like this! Think luxury materials and even jackets with embellishments. It is all about the details this season.

Women’s coats had a lot of plaid this season, and so do men’s outerwear. You can find plaids in long coats, short jackets and everything in between.

Shirts are being layered this fall. You will see lot of polo-type shirts layered off long sleeved dress shirts. Colors are mix and match, so anything goes.

You will see traditional colors like navy, gray and hunter green, but a new entry this fall is copper. There are shades of copper in many coats, but this hue has been seen in pants and shirts as well.

Another color popular in women’s lines this year is Camel. For menswear you will find camel in coats, especially the new duffle style coat. Jackets are seen in many shades of camel and it carries over into other men’s clothing items.

In fabrics, shiny and silky is really on point. Silk shirts are all over the place and there are even coats with silky patches in the design. Leather pants are back, too, but this time they are shiny.

Forget the oversized scarves this year. Neckerchiefs, a blast from the past, are back in a big way. You can keep your neck warm with many different patterns and colors. The fabrics range from silk to cotton.

Chunky shoes anyone? Yes, the clunky look is in for men’s shoes. You will see thick soles, stacked heels, and dressy hiking boots, just to name a few. Details are big in shoes, too, and you will find fringes and big buckles on lots of shoes.