Eyeliner Tips

Eyeliner is a staple of most women’s makeup arsenal. There are so many types out there, and maybe you aren’t sure about trying a new kind of liner. Maybe you just need to try some new tips for applying eyeliner. Here are some definitions and tips to help you out.

First some definitions:

Kohl- Kohl is a mineral, but not approved for use in U.S., so on packaging this is more about the color, than the material.

Liquid- more dramatic and longer lasting, but takes some practice to apply well since it smudges or smears easily when applying.

Pencil- easiest application, and has longer shelf life than other types. Pencil liner gives a softer look, but smudges easily and usually needs to be sharpened.

Waterproof- waterproof liners aren’t always necessary, but are great in the summer when you are outdoors a lot.

Now some tips:

Most of us try to draw a continuous line when applying our eye liner. The best way to apply eye liner is to draw short lines and overlap them. This will create the look of one long line, but will look natural and softer.

When you line the top eyelid, make sure you pull your skin back tightly. This helps you draw straighter and get close to that lash line. The closer you can get your liner to the lash line, the more natural you will look.

For drama, line your inner lid. If you use a pencil, sharpen every day to help prevent any infections. You can still line the lower lash line so the look blends together. You can try it out to find your favorite look.

Smudging your eye liner is always a good idea. Take a cotton swab and smudge your liner all around your eye.

There are so many fun colors available in eye liner now, so try some! If you want to be more subtle, use a black or brown liner on one part, and then use the color only on one lash line. To be bold, go color all the way!