Eye Makeup Hues that Work with Your Eye Color

Eye Makeup Hues that Work with Your Eye Color

You can experiment with eye shadow to find out what colors look best, or you can learn from the pros. Here are some great starting points to choose the right eye shadow hues to work with your natural eye color and skin tones.

Blue is a cool-toned color, so blue eyes tend to pop when a warmer eye makeup shade is used. Silvery blues, brownish gray and slate are nice colors if you have blue eyes. If your eyes are a really light shade of blue, you don’t want to put too much color on the eyelid, since you want the natural beauty of your eye’s color to really stand out on its own.

Neutral colors work well with blue eyes, but you can add a little sparkle, too. A tiny accent of gold or champagne colored shadow is a subtle, but warm look. This makes for a terrific everyday style. If you want a little adventure, try some orange. Not bright orange, but a pale, pastel orange will really bring out the blue of your eyes.

If you have brown eyes, you have the most options. You can choose almost any color and look great. A warm bronze is a must, and if you want your eyes to pop, use teal blue or purple eye shadow hues. While a neutral everyday look is easy to achieve, you don’t want it to appear bland, so add a golden toffee hue to not have a flat look. Deep blues and greens can give you a more dramatic look.

Green eyes tend to look best with purple tones. A mauve or wine color is the perfect choice for every day. A Rosy golden color will look nice as well. To add some nighttime drama, go for a bold violet or glittery plum color.