Choosing the Right Belt

Choosing the Right Belt

The right belt can really make or break an outfit. You definitely want some great belts in your wardrobe. A great belt can show off and heighten your shape. There are a lot of belt styles, and while it may seem simple to choose, there really is some planning involved to find the right belt for you.

Start with a classic. A plain belt in a solid color is a good start. You can also choose a monochromatic style. Avoice any embellishments. One or two belts in neutral colors is essential as well. Tan, black, navy or browns will work well.

If you a loose top that you want to look more structured, go with a narrow belt. Narrow belts tend to blend in more and look more polished. If you are short-waisted a narrow belt should work well on your body type. To add to the polished look, match the belt to your shoes or purse. This is a great professional look as well.

Looking to trim your waistline? Try a wide belt. Wide belts are more bold and noticeable. If your middle is a problem area, a wide belt can make you look slimmer. A dark, solid color will usually be your best bet.

If you have a narrow and defined waistline you really can wear almost any type of belt. You also can try more colorful belts and even some belts with fun embellishments or metals.

One belt you can always count on is a nice leather one. Choose a style that will last and a nice color that goes with almost anything. A good leather belt is an investment worth making.

If you would like to stand out and go bold, go for it! Try a plain colored shirt or little black dress. Add a belt that is bright or shiny to add some pizzazz to your ensemble.