Braiding Styles

Braiding Styles

One hairstyle trend that never seems to disappear is braiding. Whether your hair is short, long, thin, thick or wavy, you can probably find a braid style to try. From casual to fancy, here are some different kinds of braids to consider.

Combining two separate braids into a thicker one is called a basket braid. As you can imagine, a basket braid looks like a woven basket, and is quite pretty.

There are many variations of a crown braid. Crown braids wrap around your head like a crown. These can be wrapped completely around your head, or just across the front. You may also choose an asymmetrical look that comes down one side of your face. Mini crown braids keep hair out of your face, but also look very elegant.

A waterfall braid works well with curly or straight hair that is longer. The braid is mainly at the top of the strand, and then your hair loosely cascades downward. This is a very romantic look. You can also have a waterfall braid that zigzags for an edgier look.

A braid that is twisted and off to the side can be done right after your blowout. The blowout gives the lift needed to pull off this style.

An interesting braid for longer hair is the fishtail braid. These braids are usually loose and the ends of your hair are pulled out to let them blow around draw attention to the fishtail style. If you want a style that really stands out, the fishtail is for you!

Pigtails braids are a timeless, casual look that almost anyone can pull off. These braids can be tight on your head or allowed to hang loosely. Add a pop of color with some interwoven ribbons.

Whatever braids style you want to try, let us know and we can help. Keep it fancy, or just for fun, try a braided style today.