Add Some Velvet to Your Wardrobe

You may think that apparel with velvet may only be for the holidays, but think again. Items made of velvet or with velvet accents are still hot in the fashion world. Velvet reminds us of royalty, with the lush and soft texture. You can find entire outfits made of velvet, or just a collar or cuff here and there. Whatever your style, you can find a great velvet piece that works for you.

If you remember the seventies, chokers made of velvet are back in style. Many of these chokers also have a little bling to them, like a jewel or metallic accent. These velvet chokers can be a lot of fun to wear.

Dresses in velvet are en vogue as well. You might not want your entire dress to be velvet, and there are dresses out there that add sheer trim or mix the velvet with a plain fabric. Try a skirt if a velvet dress isn’t for you. Velvet skirts come in deep and rich colors. These skirts are very versatile and can be dressed up or down to fit your needs.

In tops and shirts, velvet is also making an appearance. There are some really cute velvet shirts that have some pattern or texture to them.  These velvety shirts pair nicely with a solid skirt or pant. If you have a textured velvet shirt, make sure to keep your jewelry simple. The shirt should be the star.

Remember coats with velvet collars and cuffs? There are some new versions of this classic look in stores. You will also see velvety trim on blazers and jackets. There are even some of these jackets that are 100% velvet. When choosing a blazer or jacket in velvet, try jewel tones like ruby or emerald to really make a statement.